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Hi, I’m Chris Bradshaw, a web developer from NYC. I’ve been programming for about 3 years now.

Non-technical background: Out of college I worked for Macy’s Inc, where I was promoted 6 times in 5 years eventually managing a flagship store of 600+ employees and over $100M/yr sales volume. Identifying a trend towards ecommerce and away from Brick and Mortar, I left Macy’s to start my own wholesale liquidation business called Liquid8 Express, which did $144k revenue in the first 11 months before being sold to a larger competitor.

Technical: after spending a lot of money paying people to build websites for my business, I decided to learn how to build them myself. I started taking classes online, applied and was accepted to the Flatiron School, a web immersive bootcamp with at that time, a <7% acceptance rate on 11 Broadway in New York City’s financial district (right outside the Charging Bull statue).

Out of Flatiron School, I was hired by SpinMedia Group as an AdTech Engineer building out Javascript advertising units on sites like Spin, Vibe, and Stereogum reaching over 22M unique visitors per month.

SpinMedia Group was acquired by Billboard Music Group in 2017, and I left to pursue Front End Development work not involving advertisements. I was hired as a freelancer by a Venture Capital firm in Miami, FL to build a single page application, “AirBnB for Marina Slips”. I built this project using a Ruby on Rails API on the backend and React.js on the front end. I found further freelance work building an ecommerce site for an emerging CBD brand carried in over 85 stores.

I’m currently pursuing a full time job as a Full Stack Developer in New York City. This blog and portfolio are to showcase my projects and blog posts demonstrating skills in the lastest Javascript libraries and technology. Check out my skills below, and please email me at bradshaw.chris@gmail.com if you are hiring!


  • Javascript/ES6+
  • React.js/Redux
  • Webpack
  • NPM/Yarn/Babel
  • GraphQL
  • CSS/JSS/Styled Components
  • Ruby on Rails/PostgreSQL
  • Photoshop
  • Nginx/HTML/Wordpress/SEO
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